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We know the secret to a perfect haircut! We analyze face shape, hair density, and texture to ensure that our haircut and style recommendations will fit you perfectly. We pay special attention to your lifestyle & maintenance needs and offer suitable suggestions.

Haircuts & Styling Menu

Ladies Haircuts

Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Level 4
$35            $40            $45            $50 

Gentlemen Haircuts

Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Level 4
$25            $28            $30            $34 

Children Haircuts (Ages 12 & below)

Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Level 4
$25            $28            $30            $34 

Up-do Style*

Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Level 4
$40           $50           $55            $60


Level 1     Level 2     Level 3     Level 4
$25            $30            $35            $40 

All Haircuts & Styling services.

Style and up-do prices may vary based on length, thickness, and desired result.
All haircuts come with a complimentary style.

Cake Hair Salon proudly carries all Redken and Pureology haircare and styling products.

Treatment Menu

Bond Protecting


Redken Chemistry Treatments


Redken Heat Cure Treatments



All of our pricing is based off a level system. The “Stylist Level” is based on experience and clientele. The table below shows pricing specific to each level of stylist for each service. You can see each stylist’s assigned level under “Meet the Team”.

About Our Services

All of our haircuts and styling services start with a thorough consultation. We ask questions that help us better understand your desires and needs. We analyze face shape, hair density, and texture to ensure that our recommendations will fit you perfectly. We pay special attention to your lifestyle and maintenance needs, and offer suitable suggestions.

The stylists at Cake receive advanced education on a regular basis. This gives us the ability to always achieve looks that are on trend, unique, and flattering for each and every one of you.

Upon completion of the consultation, we continue with a luxury shampoo, an amazing haircut, and a spectacular style that will keep heads turning.

Our stylists love sharing their knowledge and expertise with our salon guests. We will give you a thorough explanation of how to recreate your style at home; including directions, hot tips, and suggestions that give added versatility. We will answer any questions that you may have about maintaining your look and recommend the products that will ensure styling success at home.

Other Specialties

We also specialize in all types of styles for weddings, proms, and other special events. When you book your special days with Cake, you know that you will look and feel your best.

Call us to reserve your next appointment today!
All haircuts come with a complimentary style.

Redken Haircare

Redken haircare delivers specialized ingredients that transform hair’s inner structure while dramatically improving its outer appearance. CLICK BELOW FOR HAIRCARE PRODUCTS…

Redken Styling

Achieve any style with these nine end result collections: Smoothing, Shine, Volume, Texture, Curl, Heat Styling, Hairsprays, Prime, and Redken Brews.

What makes Pureology different from all other brands? We provide colour-treated hair with a complete regimen of care, from customized haircare systems to stylers specifically formulated for colour-treated hair.


Pureology Custom Color Care…

Our colour care systems are the cornerstone of Pureology, and the reason we’re adored by colourists and clients around the world. Each of our regimens offers serious colour care and tailored benefits, so clients no longer have to choose between the results they want and the colour they deserve. 

Pureology Styling Solutions…

Because caring for colour-treated hair doesn’t stop when styling begins. Our complete range of stylers is formulated to address the specific needs of colour-treated hair, helping to strengthen, boost shine, prevent colour fade and enhance haircolour’s beauty.


Have you ever wished that you had longer hair?  More hair?  Add length or thickness in one hair appointment!

Extensions can also be used to add fun splashes of different colors into your hair without any commitment or damage.  Try out vivid fashion colors by adding in extensions!

We offer 3 types of extensions to better care for all of your needs:

I-Tips – These extensions are small sections of hair attached to your hair with beads.  They are ideal for guests wanting to try splashes of fun colors without commitment.  They are the most natural extension type for guests that like to pull their hair back a lot.  Using I Tips for a full head of extensions requires the most time.  The I-tips hair needs to be replaced the most often. 

Tape-Ins – These extensions are our most common type.  They are faster to apply, which means they are more inexpensive.  They are incredibly versatile.  Whether you choose to add a couple for thickness, or you want a full head of them, they are a great choice.  A full set of Tape-In Extensions requires an average of 25 double wefts. 

Wefts – Build in bulk and length quickly.  They have less versatility than the other two choices, but the hair lasts the longest without needing to be replaced.  They work better than Tape-Ins for pulling hair back, because they are easy to hide.  They are ideal for people that already have long hair that they would like to make longer or thicker.  These extensions are not as suited for short hair. 

Extension Maintenance

Constant care, and following our extension maintenance guidelines will greatly extend the life of your extensions!  Here are our top extension suggestions:

  • The only brushes we recommend for use are “wet brushes” or boar bristle.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos only.
  • Keep use of products with silicones to a minimum.  Products with no silicones are ideal.
  • Do not apply conditioner to scalp area and extension bonds.
  • Always braid while sleeping.
  • When shampooing, scrub side to side back and forth, but not in circles.
  • Move extensions up regularly (every 4 to 6 weeks) to prevent matting or other maintenance challenges.
  • Deep condition all extension hair weekly.
  • Brush all extensions at least twice a day.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in higher pricing for future extension services. 

Extension Services

All of our pricing is based off a level system.  The “Stylist Level” is based on experience and clientele.  The table below shows pricing specific to each level of stylist for each service.  You can see each stylist’s assigned level under “Meet the Team”.

All extension services are by consultation.  Schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss extension options.  All hair must be paid in full before scheduling extension services.  All service pricing is based on the service only.  Hair sold separately.  Hair pricing varies greatly depending on length, texture, and color. 


I-Tip Extensions* **
“Additional Bags”
Level 1    Level 2    Level 3    Level 4
$25           $30           $35           $40 

Tape-In Extensions **
“Per Double Weft”
Level 1    Level 2    Level 3    Level 4
$5             $6              $7              $8

Weft Extensions  **
“By Consultation on All Levels”

*First bag of I-Tip Extensions is 60.00 flat rate.

** Failure to follow our Extension Maintenance guidelines will result in higher costs.


Bond Protector:

We highly recommend that every guest adds our Bond Protector add-on service to every haircolor that you do. This is especially true of highlighting and blonding. Any time hair is colored, 10% to 15% of your hair’s internal bonds are broken down. When hair is highlighted 20% of the hair’s internal bonds are broken. Bond Protectors are additives that we can add to your haircolor. These don’t just fix damage like other products. They actually prevent a significant amount of damage from happening!


Reverse damage to your hair with Heatcure! More shine, less frizz, and healthier hair! When this specialized formula is heated with the Heatcure Professional Tool, the balance of oils and low-melting point waxes allows it to penetrate deeply into the cuticle up to the cortex. The cationic conditioners smooth the cuticle, “locking” in the ingredients to provide lasting restorative results.

Redken Chemistry:

These treatments contain customizable formulas that deliver intense care through highly concentrated ingredients. You can add volume, decrease frizz, moisturize dry and brittle hair, and strengthen weakened hair. These treatments last in the hair up to 30 days, and only take about 5 minutes!

“Great hair is a piece of cake!”

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